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'Love and Shukla' director Jatla Siddartha's short wins at Damascus Cinema Days

Team OGS




Mumbai-based Jatla's debut feature film 'Love and Shukla' travelled to over 20 film festivals worldwide including those at Busan and Tallinn. His short film 'Belongings' has won the Special Mention in the "Short Film International Competition" at Damascus Cinema Days. 

The film tells the story of a slum boy whose most valuable possession is taken by a loan shark, and explores the boy's curiosity to understand himself and his way of life. 'Belongings' has been written by Amanda Mooney and Jatla, and the cast includes Ishanth Kapadane, Anil Rasal, Vasu Srinivas, Krutika Tulaskar, and Jaywant Wadkar. The film is presented by Jio MAMI Studios. 


The elated director shared his reaction on Facebook: