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Aleph Book Company presents 'Manto & I' by Nandita Das


The six-year journey of making Manto, her latest critically-acclaimed film 



“A brilliantly insightful film by a great director” -  Amartya Sen

“Manto is understated, sensitive and slowly penetrating." - Raghu Rai

“Well written, credible performances, excellent direction—in short, a very good film.” - Shyam Benegal



In this book, I have chosen to share not just my creative, but also my emotional, political, and spiritual experiences of the six years I spent with Manto. It was a very personal journey and while writing the book, I travelled with the film all over again. I believe, together, the images and words will tell you a different story.

If you have seen the film, I think you will enjoy reading about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of making it. If you have not seen the film, I hope this book piques your interest enough that you will want to see it. I have been as candid as I could in sharing the excitements, the challenges, and all that it took me to make the film.

With Manto and I, my journey feels complete.



NANDITA DAS has acted in more than forty feature films in ten different languages. Her directorial debut in 2008 was Firaaq, which won many accolades and appreciation, both in India and abroad. She was on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival twice (2005 and 2013), among others. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a strong advocate for social justice and human rights. Nandita has been passionately supporting the campaign against colour bias, called ‘Dark Is Beautiful’, which she relaunched as ‘India’s Got Colour’ in 2019. She was conferred the ‘Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters’ by the French Government and was the first Indian to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the International Women’s Forum. She was also selected as a World Yale Fellow in 2014.

Nandita was the Chairperson of the Children’s Film Society and wrote a monthly column for eight years in the Indian magazine, The Week. Manto, Nandita’s second directorial film premiered in 2018 at the Cannes Film Festival and travelled to many other festivals around the world. Manto can be watched on Netflix.


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