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Good Pitch India announces 2020 edition

Team OGS


Following up its successful 2018 edition, Good Pitch India 2020, its 3rd edition, will be held on March 4, 2020 and provide a platform for six urgent stories from the country that has the potential to create change. The event will be hosted by the Indian Documentary Foundation with support from the Ford Foundation. Good Pitch is an initiative of Doc Society (UK) and supported by Sundance Documentary Film Institute (USA). 

Good Pitch India aims to connect India’s best social justice films with new allies and partners. It’s a day-long ‘by invitation-only’ event where a curated audience is brought together and each guest is asked to consider what they can offer to help the projects achieve a deeper and wider social impact. The offer can be monetary or in-kind; connections to a wider network or audience; or any other creative solutions; as long as it is effective and related to the needs and goals of each project.

Selected Projects:

Piano Fingers - An investigative story of a filmmaker living with Huntington’s disease, in search of medical support.

Metamorphosis - An intimate story of a Transwoman’s struggle pre and post transitioning.

Dare to Dream - An inspiring story of a girl married at 14 who advocates for education to liberate herself against conservative patriarchal communities in rural Rajasthan.

Dharavi - Two brothers, Akku and Vicky, create a grassroots hip hop movement in the by lanes of Dharavi as a means to escape the grind of urban working-class life.

Coral Woman -  An inspiring, need of the hour tale of a homemaker from Tamil Nadu, who, through her paintings, has been trying to draw public attention to the devastating effects of climate change on marine life and the coastal communities. 

Exit - An observational film on what drives an elderly couple to ask for the right to die with dignity 

The 6 films were chosen out of 129 entries and serve as powerful tools for advocacy and awareness. 

For more details: https://goodpitch.org/events/gpindia20