International Film Festival of Bengal


Kolkata , India

International Film Festival of Bengal 2019 is organised by Roll, Camera, Action and is likely to be the biggest extravaganza in eastern part of the country. International Film Festival of Bengal is curated to deliver the best possible experience to the filmmakers as well as the audiences. 

IFFB is also known as Bengal Mensile owing to its monthly online events; while the annual event is termed as Bengal Biennale that will be organised once in a year as an annual event. 

We let you avail a global platform of Alternative Cinema or Independent Cinema at IFFB. We will be holding online film festival every month and each month, we will be selecting 10 best adjudged films (previewed by a jury comprising Film critics, filmmakers, and film personalities). 

The selected films will be considered for the final event to be held annually. The annual event of International Film Festival of Bengal will be organised at multiple venues for public as well as private screenings (meant for exhibitors, distributors, buyers etc.) 

Independent Cinema from Bengal gets overshadowed due to the sheer lack of exposure; IFFB guides you to place yourself among the bests around the globe.