Jammu Film Festival

19-Mar-2022 To 20-Mar-2022

Jammu , India

Jammu Film Festival represents the aspirations of the art and cinema loving people of Jammu to put Jammu on the world map of international film festival circuit. This annual film festival is being organized by Vomedh a non-profit organization in the beautiful city of temples, Jammu.

In modern times, cinema has emerged as a key art form. Jammu and Kashmir has had a special connection with cinema and Bollywood. Bollywood has explored the scenic locations as well as the themes around Jammu and Kashmir for a long time. Jammu and Kashmir, also in turn has contributed a great deal to Indian cinema in terms of artists and technicians. However, the focus of this festival is to improve the connection more specifically between the Jammu region and cinema. Jammu has tremendous potential in terms of natural beauty and scenic locations to be explored. The hospitality of the people of the Jammu region is unparalleled and would be a key catalyst in helping this industry grow. Moreover, Jammu has immense talent to be tapped.

Jammu film festival is an attempt to provide a platform to bridge this gap between the industry and the resources available in Jammu.