Woodstock Film Festival

30-Sep-2020 To 04-Oct-2020

New York , United States

Rules & Terms

All rights must be cleared.

All previous screenings information must be filled in, in order to be considered.

Films must be Hudson Valley Premieres.

No resubmissions of films except for new versions.

Be sure to include your FilmFreeway tracking I.D. number on it.

We prefer to receive a VIMEO or other online link to your film INSTEAD OF A DVD.

If you are sending a DVD instead of digital content, DVD's MUST be clearly labeled with film title, please do not include paper labels on DVDs.

You may submit a Blu-ray, but please also include a regular DVD.

Please do not submit a press kit, it is not necessary for the film screening process and will not be used. Please save your time, money and the environment.