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'The Gold Laden Sheep and the Sacred Mountain' flourishes at IFFR

Team OGS


Ridham Janve (Director), Akshay Singh (Co-writer/Producer), and Saurabh Monga (Director of Photography) attended the International Film Festival of Rotterdam (January 23 - February 3) on behalf of the film, 'The Gold Laden Sheep and the Sacred Mountain'.


Ridham Janve introduced by Rada Sesic, South Asian film advisor to IFFR

Rotterdam proved to be the ideal venue for this hybrid film, one that plays between fiction and non-fiction. DOP Monga says, "We had four screenings at various cinemas. It was incredible to watch our film on a screen as large as the IMAX one, as it is set in the Himalayas, a strong character in the film. " 

Monga adds, "I was unable to attend the World Premiere of our film at the Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) in 2018. So, it was key for me to finally see our film on a large screen, a format essential for its innumerable nuances and scenic majesty."

Akshay Singh, Ridham Janve and Saurabh Monga at IFFR

The film was very well received. Everything — from the great performances of the film's non-professional cast to the thoughtful sound design and powerful cinematography. All four screenings played to packed houses. The post-screening questions varied from methods of directing non-actors to the extremely difficult logistical challenges of the production, and the nuances between its Gaddi and Nepali characters. Some said that the film was like a 'spiritual' experience, which was quite a humbling experience for the film's crew. 

Post-screening Q/As