APR - MAY 2019 - Vol 2 Issue 2

IFFLA Days Are Here Again!

This April issue of On Global Screens has a touch of Spring to it. It is the first issue that marks its transformation from print and paper to the exalted, ephemeral sphere of being online. It is also an issue devoted almost entirely to one major entity — the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), held this year over four eventful days, April 11 to 14.  

IFFLA was the brainchild of Christina Marouda, of Greek origin, now living in America. She remembers a childhood in her home country where dancing to Bollywood songs was popular. In the heart of Hollywood, dominated by big stars and studio films, she decided to bring in an Indian film festival. The year was 2002; it was quite a dare — and it worked. With its first edition, IFFLA became known for introducing Indian cinema to an audience that knew little about it. Over the years, it has garnered fame and become one of the most-appreciated festivals of its kind across continents.