MAY - JUNE 2019 - Vol 2 Issue 3

The Cannes special issue of the On Global Screens’ digital magazine dwells on the limited yet distinctive Indian presence at the festival this year.

A region far removed from the commercial centres of India’s thriving film industry is making its way to Cannes – and that is a trio of directors from North East India. And it’s a leading filmmaker and mentor, Mira Nair, who will be at the festival as a guiding spirit. British filmmaker Asif Kapadia will present yet another of his path-breaking documentaries in Cannes, this time on the enthralling Argentine soccer player, Diego Maradona.

India features in Cannes’ special platform, the Short Film Corner with ten films by filmmakers from India or of Indian origin. India is visible also in the Cannes market with several production companies participating and holding screenings at its theatres. And the India Pavilion will be there with the Indian flag waving above it, as the meeting ground and the cynosure of all activity related to the many cinemas of India and their representatives in Cannes.

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